II ENBACH PARTNERSHIP MEETING – Barcelona, 5-6 November 2010


Friday 5  Morning


Friday 5,  h 14,30   

ENBaCH research and data-collection  

Plenary session

–         Initial objectives & state of advancement of the research (data collection, processing of data, design and management of data system, analysis and treatment of data-bases, etc.).

–         Presentation – by each partner – of:

–     main intermediate results

–     executive planning of further activities and corresponding budget allocations

Saturday 6, h 9.30  

ENBaCH intermediate results  

Working groups or Bi/Tri-lateral sessions:

–         Barcelona-Dresden-Wien: Exhibitions

–         Paris-Rome-Warszawa: Digital collections; Radio transmissions

–         Greisfwald-Teramo: Atlas; Tourists circuits 

Plenary session:

–         Web site management (editorial board) and implementation; Dissemination; Didactical activities

 Saturday  6, h 15,00

Enbach administrative and management aspects

–         Additional administrative aspects not yet included in the II Cooperat. agreem.: (communications to Eacea, authorizations to ask for, etc.)

–         Structure of local units,  first interim technical and administrative reports  (for 1st financial accountings)

–         Analysis of analytical templates of EACEA in attachment

–         Evidence of expenses to be sustained

–         Communication flows and future monitoring; 


–         Planning of travels and human resources for year 2011; next meetings and dissemination activities (mid-term conferences); 

–         corrective actions 

–         deadlines for official financial accountings with the auditors.

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